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So, you may have noticed (or not, since nobody really reads this) that my blog died a few months ago. This was due to my trusty iMac G3 that had been powering my humble site finally kicking the bucket after around 16 years of service (not all to me). Luckily, I had my Mac Mini that I no longer used, so I loaded Debian 8 up on it and went on my way. Unfortunately, along with the iMac the hard drive that my site was on died also. Thankfully, had copy of my most important blog post (How to install Debian on a TI-Nspire) on their Wayback Machine. I set up a new blog using AnchorCMS, but didn’t like it very much. It stayed around for a while, because I was too lazy to change back to WordPress. Yesterday, I decided I had had enough of Anchor and switched to WordPress, and made a few other enhancements to the site (mostly benefiting myself for easier dev). In order to keep old links to the Nspire post working, I manually edited the ID number of the post, so it matched what it was on my old blog. If you read all this, thanks for taking your time, and please post a comment telling me that I’m not just shouting into an empty internet. I might post what I did with DNS stuff to make things easier on myself in a few days.

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply 🙂 It’s encouraging to know that people are reading about what I do.

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